Road Diary

  • Ace Troy X Keslie: The Atlanta Lovefest

    Ace Troy X Keslie: The Atlanta Lovefest

    As a Valentine collaboration, Ace Troy and I are showing some love to the downtown area's of Atlanta. I'm taking what would have been apart of the west coast travel series and scattering these jems in the roaring art districts of Georgia. The "I love you more" linoleum style print series, I have made will be left in places that anyone can snag up and take home with them on this day of love. While the Portland based graffiti artist, Ace Troy, has created a "Passion Project" which will line your streets with personal secrets that he has posted on handcrafted stickers. Atlanta, we hope you enjoy and find our Lovefest, travel series, as a cozy addition to this day and your city.

  • Don't Slow Down

    Don't Slow Down

    This is one of the hard parts about being an open artist to the audience. As most of you know, I was supposed to be well on my way to Portland and mingling around with a road series across the U.S. Unfortunately, things got a little tricky with weather delays. Mother Nature and I were not on the same page. With snow and storms in the journeys path, my copilot and I were unable to stay on schedule causing missed deadlines and a flight. As I wait for the world to warm up, I'll be adventuring around in the two front teeth of the south- Alabama and Georgia. Collaborating, creating and exploring. We are definitely in the process of replanning and recharging the road trip/move across America, only this time with warmer style and weather. In the meantime, I'm reminding myself: Don't. Slow. Down.

  • Behind the scenes of the 1,000 print series

    Behind the scenes of the 1,000 print series

    To the curioius new owners of their found piece of art,

    Welcome to the making of your print:

       The 1,000 print series consisted of five designs all reolving around the theme of your lovely city- Birmingham. Every print is uniquely different from one another, due to the staining process involved. That is where the real magic of this series began. All one thousand of these prints were stained using spray paint and water, which is why they hold the marbleized apperance. These sheets of paper were left to dry under the November sun, in order to begin the actual printing process. All five of the designs were carved into linoleum blocks, where then all five of these design blocks were inked using a brayer and oil based paint. Once they were covered in color each design was hand pulled through a printing press one at a time. The design blocks managed to run through the press two hundred and fifty times, birthing all one thousand of the individualized prints that were then handed out, left and hidden on your streets. I want to say Thank You again Birmingham and to each individual person that participaed in this series- the stumble upon, found and search for these prints. I appreciate you for giving my art a new home.

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